Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monthly post - Update

Hi all!

My last post was over a year ago where I signed up for the daily figure drawing challenge. I was improving daily and was developing the basics to build up my foundations of drawing and painting. I lost focus again and despite these efforts of development I stopped working and those skills began to deteriorate again. 

I am looking to once again focus my drive to practice the basics and build a strong foundation to grow from. I have made a few lifestyle changes to not only improve my art and productivity, but also to improve myself as a person. I have been looking into developing habits -

- Read at least 1 chapter of a book (I have been obsessed with the writings of Brandon Sanderson and am currently engulfed in the final chapter of the Reckoners trilogy - Calamity.
- Eat healthier and exercise regularly - Once again I became undisciplined in my diet control and was constantly eating pizzas weekly and drinking lucozade by the gallon daily. I was 16 stone 10 and becoming concerned about my fitness and the way I felt.I have lost a stone since the beginning of the year and aim to keep my body in check.
- Read a development book - at the moment I am focusing on reading at least 4 pages a day. I'm currently reading through Scott Robertson's How to Draw and when reading I am making sure to read over it slowly and understand it.
- Write in a Journal every day - I'm doing this most mornings. It's great to run through your thoughts first thing, with this I will plan my focuses of the day and run through my tasks for development. 
- Sketch - I will sketch 6 out of 7 days of the week at the least. My skills are developing and need to make sure that I develop from the developmental books I'm reading from.
- Digital Tutors - I have re signed up with Digital Tutors again. I am starting down the path of digital painting at the moment on my daily developments and believe I have a seen a significant improvement over previous ventures. I think through a more focused effort this time it is really paying off in the results. I am looking in to rebuilding my knowledge of Maya on Fridays which I am finding exciting again. I have gained inspiration from looking over blog posts and facebook groups such as Level Up! and daily spitpaint. 

Now below is something I have been working on for a few evenings now. I looked into building foundations of the head and the facial features following with digital painting of the skin tutorials on Digital Tutors. 

This was my work under 2 and a half years ago -

And after a week of working with the digital tutors tutorial -

Reference - https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/406027722636392416/
There is still a lot to work on but I'm proud of the progress so far. I doubt I will be blogging regularly as it takes a lot of time to post up but will endeavour to post monthly updates at least. 

This is the beginning of a more productive and happier self. Thank you for taking the time to read!