Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Catching up over the past few months....

So work has been really busy but making an effort on the side to get some personal work done....

Here are a few bits  I have been working on -

Environment studies 1

Environment studies 2

Sombra Fan art from Overwatch
Amazing Spiderman Fan art
Paintable.cc free week portrait taster tutorial
Papapeachy reference study

Kingdom Hearts Aqua, Castle town Fan art

I've recently joined paintable.cc and I am thoroughly enjoying the tutorials! I seem to be making good progress here are a couple of sessions I've completed so far -

Painting realistic hair

Painting realistic skin and eye details -

And combining what I have learnt the most recent study I have completed is below -

Look forward to sharing some more progression over the coming months! If you wish to see more frequent updates then please follow my instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/max_rogers_art/