Monday, 6 June 2016



Skipped a couple of months....

Been very busy with work and taking a necessary 2 week break but now very much back into the swing of things!

So first update is the daily sketching which mostly occurs during my lunch break at work. Taking references from Pinterest and sketching them out over my lunch hour after reading a chapter of my current book. (Still on Brandon Sanderson at the moment with the Bands of Mourning)

Pluralsight/Digital Tutors tutorials I've been working on include -

Grayscale Shading and Non-Destructive Colouring Techniques -

Understanding values then painting over using overlaying colour layers

Painting realistic skin tones -

Applying base skin colours and then slowly blending them in to create a realistic head painting - 

Painting Female Hairstyles - 

Continuing on from the previous tutorial I used the head I had painted to do the female hairstyle tutorial. I feel that this still needs a lot of practice as I find hair extremely challenging so will work on doing hair studies to understand different styles.

Contrasting elements for Portraiture - 

This tutorial felt like a behemoth with over 40 odd lessons... but well worth it!

Looking forward to improving further and will be setting some days aside for 3D tutorials for development as well throughout the month.

See you next time!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monthly post - Update

Hi all!

My last post was over a year ago where I signed up for the daily figure drawing challenge. I was improving daily and was developing the basics to build up my foundations of drawing and painting. I lost focus again and despite these efforts of development I stopped working and those skills began to deteriorate again. 

I am looking to once again focus my drive to practice the basics and build a strong foundation to grow from. I have made a few lifestyle changes to not only improve my art and productivity, but also to improve myself as a person. I have been looking into developing habits -

- Read at least 1 chapter of a book (I have been obsessed with the writings of Brandon Sanderson and am currently engulfed in the final chapter of the Reckoners trilogy - Calamity.
- Eat healthier and exercise regularly - Once again I became undisciplined in my diet control and was constantly eating pizzas weekly and drinking lucozade by the gallon daily. I was 16 stone 10 and becoming concerned about my fitness and the way I felt.I have lost a stone since the beginning of the year and aim to keep my body in check.
- Read a development book - at the moment I am focusing on reading at least 4 pages a day. I'm currently reading through Scott Robertson's How to Draw and when reading I am making sure to read over it slowly and understand it.
- Write in a Journal every day - I'm doing this most mornings. It's great to run through your thoughts first thing, with this I will plan my focuses of the day and run through my tasks for development. 
- Sketch - I will sketch 6 out of 7 days of the week at the least. My skills are developing and need to make sure that I develop from the developmental books I'm reading from.
- Digital Tutors - I have re signed up with Digital Tutors again. I am starting down the path of digital painting at the moment on my daily developments and believe I have a seen a significant improvement over previous ventures. I think through a more focused effort this time it is really paying off in the results. I am looking in to rebuilding my knowledge of Maya on Fridays which I am finding exciting again. I have gained inspiration from looking over blog posts and facebook groups such as Level Up! and daily spitpaint. 

Now below is something I have been working on for a few evenings now. I looked into building foundations of the head and the facial features following with digital painting of the skin tutorials on Digital Tutors. 

This was my work under 2 and a half years ago -

And after a week of working with the digital tutors tutorial -

Reference -
There is still a lot to work on but I'm proud of the progress so far. I doubt I will be blogging regularly as it takes a lot of time to post up but will endeavour to post monthly updates at least. 

This is the beginning of a more productive and happier self. Thank you for taking the time to read!