Monday, 10 July 2017

Recent work update

Hi all, a bit late on the monthly post but just wanted to update you on what I have been up to recently!

Face study
I did a piece of Overwatch fan art recently of Zarya as I have been playing it a bit more with friends recently. Love the character design on the game and also got to try out the Microsoft Surface 4 as well when I was adding the colours.



Finished piece I think the skin and facial anatomy needs work.

I have continued to focus on studying different topics through the site and they have shared my work on their Facebook and Twitter profiles which is hugely inspirational and keeping me working hard!

Clothing exercise final 
So pleased about this :)
Edgar Wright's Baby Driver hit the screens and I may have watched it 3 times... Thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to a quick fan art piece afterwards. I may stop listening to the soundtrack next year...

"Time to face the music Baby"
Head angle practice
And finally I produced a self portrait in a cartoonish style in practice for another piece I'm working on and not exactly finding my footing with it! Hopefully I can overcome this in the coming weeks!

 Thanks for reading and in the following weeks I aim to look into some 3D studies and study some coding as well! Looking forward to sharing my endeavours soon!