Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011

Inside the Lung Screen Renders

Respiratory tube

The playblast is huge for this and unfortunately I have had to drop the quality dramatically in order to upload it in a reasonable time

Here are a few images that I have fully rendered from this part of my animation

Friday, 20 May 2011

Adding the 'carnage' of the virus

Beginning to add the icicles caused by the flu virus in the first part of the animation. I think that due to time constraints cracking effects will be added in after effects. As the Virus travels further through the respiratory system, more icicles will shoot through the walls.

Progress of first part of my animation

Today I have been battling with my first scene's texturing and lighting issues. It has started to come together now and I am seeing a nice outcome from my battle.

It's not much but I'm pleased with this image nonetheless. Much more to come

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Half textured Flu Virus

Before I carried on with the texturing just wanted some feedback, spikes are slightly transparent with a glow and the spherical body also has a glow and a texture with bump map.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ice Landscape tutorials

I follow a blog of who have many tutorials that you can buy for digital painting and they also have a few free ones to download as well. I found a tutorial which shows the painting of an ice landscape which may be of help for inspiration

To visit the website go to idrawgirls

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Inspiration for Ice cavern body interior

So to kick things off for the inspiration of creating these cavernous, ice infested spaces I looked through concepts that other people have created.

Lubos de Gerardo Surzin was the first person I came across who has created digital art for Lucasfilm. The two images that stood out to me was the matte painting - Canyon of Iced Ships

And the second image - Ice Cave Base and Landscape Valley

Check out more of Surzin's work at CG Society

thePoet showing marvelous work on caught my attention with the ice cave image found here - thePoet sketchbook

Andrew Kim's work for the game Uncharted 2 also caught my eye with the game being set in icey caves partly. Check out the gallery for his inspiring concepts - Andrew Kim's Gallery

The Pitch feedback

The pitch was a nerve racking but enjoyable experience and I feel that over this past year I have gained a lot of confidence in public speaking environments. The group B pitch was really good and it's so good to see the amount of progression that we all have gone through. I'm very excited in producing my first 3D animation.

From the Pitch I need to address a few issues to make my animation to the best of my ability. Firstly is the way in which my virus moves, Dr. Klappa was more impressed with a Naval mine movement in my pre-viz than the 'Hippy' looking virus that I had portrayed in my concept art.

Another part of my work I need to address is the space. The animation needs to be in epic scale, huge caverns stricken with many portruding icicles and the virus in comparison needs to be tiny. This will show the danger that this one virus causes to the body and also through the thoughts on space I need to get the audience to understand where abouts they are within the body, as it was pointed out that when the virus was within the lungs there wasn't enough space to indicate this. My concept art also struggled with the spacial awareness and I need to look into this and produce more epic scaled areas for the audience to become overwhelmed with to then encourage a huge amount of devastation to shock the audience.

Although it wasn't cut properly for the animatic I need to get the soundtrack and the images to match up to make sure my animation is seamless. I want them to compliment each other so making sure that images fall on certain beats to hook in my audience.

Anyway my first pitch experience was an enjoyable one and I have learnt a lot from it. So thankyou for all the feedback I've received.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flu Idea I have been working on

I really like the idea of portraying the Flu virus as being ice cold so when it travels through the respiratory system it causes icicles to form and also when the camera moves to the alveoli sacs at the end of the animation I would like to portray the pneuomnia symptoms as a rising icy lake. With my concept of the flu virus I looked at the spikes (Hemagglutinin) and wanted to change them into tentacles which at will can sharply spike out. The reason for tentacles is my interest in the movement being similar to that of a sentinel from the Matrix but I kept the Neuraminidase the same.

Another thought in relation to the artist Luke Jerram and his glass sculptures is to give the flu virus a see through exterior where the RNA can be seen in the middle which glow with a blue aura.