Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More work on the Moon launch station - Walkway

Working on the walkway started off rather slow and after some trouble with my first model (strange occurences with geometry) I decided that I needed to start again. I'm happy with how the launch station is going at the moment and will be working on the moon launch headquarters and the terrain around which I will sculpt in to craters.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Narrative Project Input so far

Some of my Storyboard Input

Character Design

I finished the frog design earlier on today to get the last character out of the way and I am currently working on the modelling of the Moon launch station in Maya. Here is the progress of the blocking out I have done so far:

Thursday, 24 November 2011

@ Phil Postmodernism Essay

Hi Phil,

In terms of my Postmodernism essay I was intrigued by my knowledge gained in the Inception review of Hyppereality and wanted to pursue this further in my essay. In terms of the essay content obviously I would be looking into Baudrillard with the theory of Simulacra and Simulation and probably real world examples such as Celebration town. Then introduce hyperreaility within videogames, with the need to create simulations of wars in light of entertainment and also look in to the phenomenom of players who lead a second life who feel more powerful in their 'virtual selves' and regard our reality as depressing much like the Avatar syndrome.

I found a good article on scribd which I think will help in producing the essay -

Call of Duty Postmodernism example

Let me know of any issues. Thanks Phil

Sky Pirates VS Monsters

Character Bible - Sky Pirates vs Monsters 2

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The new, less generic design for my hero

I think this works much better for the hero, less generic and adds the new shard bracelet to give the Hero his elemental magic.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Addition to the Hero and Villain design and the Villains armour

After chatting with Justin today it was a definite that my hero is just too generic, the character I want to portray is supposed to be 18, a rather arrogant and fearless character and what I've produced is just way too simple and generic. Justin spoke about the crystal pendant around the neck and asked whether it could be used. After thinking about it I want to incorporate the use of magic for both the Villain and Hero from the shards of the light and dark crystal which would be attached to some form of bracelet for the hero and then moulded into the glove armour of the villain. This would allow the hero to use all the elemental magic due to the light crystal absorbing the elemental crystals power and shattering them around the planet. The villain would be able to use the dark magic after managing to salvage an un-destroyed shard of the dark crystal after the light crystal destroyed the dark crystal to stop the villain from transporting more monstrous creatures to help him rule the skies.

With the hero I think that due to the fusion with the magic from the crystal and tattoo-like pattern will appear on the arm in the colour of the element used. And in thoughts about the costume a take on the aviator jacket was discussed which I will incorporate into his design. Also to make the design a bit more asymmetric and less generic I'm going to take a leaf out of the character designer of Final Fantasy characters Tetsuya Nomura who uses a lot of belts and buckles which Justin encouraged I should look into.

On to the Villain design finally and I think that I have cracked the design for the armour which suits the dragon features of the character. I'm going to do some designs of the crystal glove of the villain with the weapon prop.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Cleaner version of the Sidekick

Sidekick's head has been compressed to not make it so big (Thanks for the feedback on that Phil). A bit more finesse work in the shape and I think it's there for colour experiments.

Hero Colour experiments

Experimenting with colour for the hero. Need to add his sword prop but don't know whether I'm just being to generic with this, I'm thinking he just needs something more like a harness round his chest or some armour...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sidekick Development

After figuring out the sidekick was going to be a cute half dragon half parrot monster getting the head right was the first hard task which I think I've managed to do well. The other task was to figure out the shape of the creatures body and these are the designs that I've worked with so far.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Villain Head and Armour idea

Talking with Justin about the Villain and he believed that the more dragon looking head would work better for the character which after applying to the body shape I think works rather well. I've put the two ideas together but I definitely think the more dragon themed head works better.

In terms of the clothing I feel that armour would probably work the best for the character. Something which is extremely spiky things such as the below influences which I think would work well.

I think a cape would work well for the character as well which I will incorporate into the design.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More Hero development

After chatting to Justin on Tuesday we both agreed that my hero was looking too generic and after looking through my previous developments on the clothing for the character he suggested that I used a slightly less generic set of garments for the character to make him stand out more. I chose these set of clothes in attempt to shake the character up a bit. I just need to do some colour exploration and include the props for this character and I think its coming together.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bit of inspiration to push the villain design forward

Handy image to think about when it comes to creating my villain

Sidekick development

After deciding that the sidekick will be a parrot/dragon hybrid I've managed to come up with some ideas as to what the character will look like. Hopefully they come across as nice and cute.

Hero development

Just need to add some colour on the hero now

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Villain Exploration

Playing around with the villain concept of being a human/dragon monster but I think I'm running into trouble with my original idea of the villain being monstrously big. I don't know whether it will work as the villain being extremely big and muscular here is a couple of things that I've tried to work with in terms of one silhouette and an outline sketch.

More Hero Face designs

I think in these attempts C works the best for my character.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sidekick and Villain thoughts - Linking them with the monster side of the cartoon.

After coming up with some unsuccessful monster designs I needed to think more behind the world in which they inhabit and what sort of 'monsters' these two characters would be.

These sidekick designs while being small and cute I think they need to follow a stronger thought process. Seeing as the story I've created revolves around sky pirates I feel that the villain and sidekick must have some sort of flying creature/monster in mind for their design. So in this thought process I thought of a dragon influence for both Villain and sidekick. So my Villain is a human transformed into a monster and I think in terms of design I want to look into influences from the Qunari race in Dragon Age and any other human with lizard/dragon influences.

Qunari from Dragon Age could be a heavy influence in designing my Villain
In terms of the sidekick character I feel that I should either take a cute and goofy dragon or go further with the design and push a stereotypical part of pirate culture into the mix and make a cute parrot/dragon.

Character Design: Hero

Here are some more clothing designs of the hero trying to figure out which ones look the best.

Trying to get a mix of sky pirate with a hint of orphan. Hero has a muscular but atheltic build in terms of the design being influenced by Prince of Persia, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra and Skies of arcadia.