Thursday, 28 April 2011

Time Machine essay - The 'pleasures' of Horror

A second idea for the Time machine essay resolves around the horror genre. This opens up its origins into Gothic to explore and psychoanalysis theories. Maybe a film/s to look into for the psychoanalysis side would be the Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy plays havoc in the dreams of the characters.

Idea for the time machine essay

I am a huge fan of Edgar Wright - especially Scott Pilgrim - and I would like to look into the world of Wright and his influences. His films are a mash up of genres and contain many homages to other films. Shaun of the Dead for instance is considered to be a postmodern film in the way it twists the conventions of the zombie genre ultimately becoming a romantic comedy........with zombies.

What influences Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright -

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A couple of thoughts on music is a website I regularly visit to view flash animations and look at the art that people share. The audio portal has many uploads from users and to start with I thought for quite an epic 'siege' scene similar to the sentinels in the matrix a classical piece which shifted from a soft piece to a violent epic would fit perfectly.

The first track that I found was titled '10 Reprise of the Brave by the author Peter Satera. I think this fits in well with my ideas behind my animation. The second track I found was titled Sorrow by the author Thomas L. The title is fitting and I feel that it gives a sense of hopelessness which I really like.

'10 Reprise of the Brave


Virus glass sculptures

Using high-resolution electron microscopic images, Luke Jerram has created accurate glass scultptures of viruses and bacteria including HIV, E. Coli, SARS and H1N1 (Swine Flu). It is truly a sight to see these menacing and harmful subjects in 3D and they even have a documentary showing a making of the HIV glass sculpture.

HIV sculpture by Luke Jerram

Information and images found at:

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Unit 6 Ideas on story

Putting my first idea down to basics as a three act structure. The initial idea for me is to incorporate a siegeof the host cell by the virus much like that of my inspiration of the Matrix Revolutions siege of zion scenes.

For the first scene I would have a single flu virus making its way into the lungs and head for a cell. Then cue a siege style scene where the RNA from within the virus burst through after the virus breaks through the wall of the host cell and shoot towards the nucleus to change the code within. After this the RNA will make their way to the cell membrane breaking through. It will then show a shot of the virus breaking free from the host cell which begins to die in the background. The camera will then slowly zoom out from the current target virus to reveal many more viruses around emerging from dying host cells.

I feel like it should be left on a cliffhanger ending a sort of hopeless seeming situation. The target audience I want to approach is a more teenage audience.

Another look into inspiration for the flu virus design

Thinking along the lines of the ball with spikes/tentacles on it I thought about the design of a monster from the Final Fantasy series - The Marlboro.

'Malboros appear as large, green, tentacled plants with an anemone-like head and very large mouths. In most games, Malboros are much larger than humans...Malboros have ranked among the more difficult and annoying enemies in the series, as their signature move Bad Breath can inflict many status ailments on its targets, crippling unprotected parties. In addition, Malboros often have other status attacks as well, and other "breath"-based attacks.'

Getting back into Photoshop

After a bit of a break with Photoshop this image was created with a few new brushes I have downloaded and just to mess around really. Taking a very basic form of a Flu virus I just played around with overlaying colours. I've enjoyed this little session and I look forward to using photoshop again for the next few weeks on the project.

Just an image to derive some inspiration from

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First thoughts on directions to undertake

I was researching what the flu virus looks like on google images when an image really caught my eye.
This is an image of the H1N1 virus. The virus is different from the normal flu virus which can worryingly infect cells deeper in the legs, sometimes causing pneumonia and even death. The image above heavily reminded me of the scenes from The Matrix Revolutions.
From the top image the H1N1 virus reminded me of the sentinels and the siege of Zion from the Matrix Revolutions made me think of viruses attacking the body.

Unit 6 Commission Research

For this unit I think I'm going to choose the Influenza virus.

'Influenza, more commonly known as flu, is a viral infection that's most common during the winter months and can cause fever, headache, cough, sore throat and muscle aches - as well as more dangerous complications.' (Dr. Rob Hicks)

Looking at images of the flu virus magnified it looks rather vicious with spikes used to attach itself to the host cells. These attachment spikes are known as hemagglutinin which make up for around 80% of the spikes while the other 20% is made up of neuraminidase which is mainly used for the release of newly produced virus particles from the host cell. Although the flu virus is generally easily treated there have been many instances where this is not the case due to different strands of the virus such as H1N1 which are much quicker in their growth. The deadliest case of a flu outbreak was the Spanish flu epidemic during 1918 which is recorded to have infected one billion people - half the world's population at the time. Reinforcing the point of its ease of eradication the virus is still among the top ten causes of death in America, shockingly ranking higher than that of the HIV virus which causes Aids.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Unit 6: Commission

"Bugger me with a dead weasel" Dr. Peter Klappa, 2011

Yesterdays briefing was hilarious but at the same time extremely scary and intimidating. The gloves are off and I need to move on from my past mistakes and look into my issues with work. I'm going to look into my timetable and manage it so that I can accompany for the massive workload that we are all about to take on. The examples of last year certainly are incredible and I know through prompts from Phil that I need to prove myself as a worthy student, this is it, I'm in this for the long run.

Right away from all that, with the tasks being very focused on the body, infections and viruses I had one film going through my mind that would seem to be a good idea to look into again. Osmosis Jones produced by Warner Bros. is a film which follows a white blood cell accompanied by a cold pill trying to stop a deadly virus from destroying the body of Frank.