Thursday, 30 September 2010


After fighting with Maya all day to create dice I have managed to do it I am relieved!!! Thanks to Leo Tsang's blog I somehow managed to right my wrongs and actually get a full UV map and thankyou to Alan's tutorial which helped through all of it as well. Here are my finished dice:

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Todays life drawing

Todays life drawing session was again enjoyable I am liking the fact we get to practice figure drawing each week. Our first task was to draw the figure in 40 minutes which I found to be the best drawing that I did today.

I found that the hand was in a hard position for me to draw but other than that I really liked this first drawing and feel that my shading is improving more and more as I use it.

After this exercise we were tasked to draw in 5 minute segments. I found this really hard to do and didn't like the pressure so I ended up with weak results because i panicked but hopefully I will build upon this and become more confident

Even though I did'nt finish it I think the hand was the best out of this section which I am pleased with as it shows I have developed my skills in drawing hands.

Lastly we had to draw the model only using straight lines and shapes such as triangles and 4 sided shapes. This did feel strange at first and I didn't know how to approach the drawing however when I got into it a bit more I found it enjoyable and I am pleased with the result.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Some quick studies and a self portrait

Heres a couple of pages of quick studies I have done in my sketchbook followed by a self portrait done this evening (which thanks to my bloody perfectionist self has taken a few hours.....). I will move on to doing some stronger studies over the weekend and begin to develop ideas on fusing the anatomy of a cockroach into my skeletal structure.

Quick studies 1: a study of my hand. 2. a study of a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach 3. a study of me from a photo
Pen Studies: 1.Me pulling a strange face 2. Top view of a Madascan hissing cockroach
Quick silly drawing of my hand playing with the idea of insect hairs growing out of it.
And my self portrait which i finished about 15 minutes ago.
That is all for the evening more studies will be on the way!!

First Photoshop and Maya tutorials

Today we had our first tutorials in May and Photoshop and they were awesome! With Photoshop I have always struggled with using it to actually create characters on screen with a graphics tablet and I have only used it to colour images (my colouring wasn't that good either). However we were taught to think of things as blocks and work from the inside out rather than outside in as this aids for a development in ideas if things aren't working out. The 3 hour tutorial flew past and I really enjoyed learning properly how to use brushes to block out a base silhouette to work with. These are my step by steps of what I achieved today (note this is not my intended idea to portray my hybrid creature but just a practice with brushes) :

As for the Maya tutorial we were shown the basics of the interface and taken through a demo of how to create dice and lighting them in an environment. I won't lie I am extremely intimidated by Maya but I can see Alan has put in a load of effort in providing tutorials for us to help which has taken a load off my mind and I look forward to learning from them.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Life Drawing (Yesterdays work)

Yesterday we watched David Cronenberg's vision of the Fly which was extremely gruesome but touching in places due to superb acting from Jeff Goldblum as he changes into a fusion of man and fly. This is not my review of the film I will post this tomorrow with my review of the original Fly. After watching the Fly we went down to a studio to do some life drawing, which turned out to be different from previous encounters with it. In previous sessions I've used many materials which I am not overly comfortable with using, (charcoal really makes me cringe!!) but we were told to grab a pencil or use any media we were comfortable with. I really enjoyed this life drawing session as it wasn't so manic and speedy like previous sessions, but I'm sure that when the class have gone through more sessions we will be challenged.

 The first drawing that we were asked to do was a 30 minute exercise  of a pose where the model was slighted twisted.

This was my first attempt at drawing the model. (Not finished with time)

The first picture I drew of the model I feel I was very cautious, I didn't go into too much detail on features such as the face and I struggled with drawing the hands which fortunately in this project I will be able to visit this in the coming weeks and build upon this weakness. I feel that for a first cautious attempt I am pleased with the result as I feel i captured the shape of the body well but I do realise I need to work at improving the weakness I have in drawing hands and feet.

After this thirty minute pose of the model we had a browse around the room at the different interpretations of the models pose. There were a few people who chose not to use pencil, a particular drawing used coloured oil pastels it seemed to produce a stand out piece. After we had a look around the model was back in the middle of the class but this time we were given three drawings to do on one sheet of paper but in time slots of 20 minutes. A bit more challenging this time but I felt more confidence after the first drawing.

This is my first drawing of the twenty minute drawings

In this drawing hand was closest to me and knowing that drawing them is a weakness I decided to try to actually draw the hand. From this drawing I came to the conclusion that my shading technique needs working on to bring out the shape of the hand better but I am still quite happy with how it turned out. I did struggle with the angle of the face and from this drawing I should develop my drawings on different perspectives of the face. Overall I am pleased with the drawing I feel that I have captured the pose well.

 2nd drawing of the 20 minute exercise

This is my favourite of my drawings throughout the session. I feel my shading came alive more in this drawing after viewing other classmates work and becoming inspired to go out of my comfort zone. Not so far as dealing with the hand of the model however as I found it to be in such an awkward shape I ignored it. I feel however the proportions of the model are much better here and this drawing has given me a lot more confidence for future life drawing classes.

3rd and final drawing of the exercise

This drawing really doesn't look like much really fought with the paper on this one. I think I'm allowed to have one disaster out of the session........
Basically with this drawing I could not get my head around the pose at all and I suppose I ended up frustrated in the end and accepted defeat. This drawing shows me that I need to work on weakness of perspective on figures which fortunately I with this project and I'm sure I will revisit in later life drawing sessions.

Overall I enjoyed the first session of life drawing and look forward to being taught methods to aid me in developing my skills in later sessions and in my general work. I have learnt that I do need to work on my perspective of certain parts of the anatomy as I struggle with hands, faces at certain angles and feet (mainly the toes).

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Unit 1: Anatomy

So yesterday we were given our first brief. After a tedious week it all kicked off yesterday to bring an incredible life to the start of the year. We have been given the task of recording our metamorphosis into a hybrid creature after an accident with a teleportation pod. I have the fortune of hybridising with a Gromphadorhina portentosa........ or in English a Madagascan hissing Cockroach. I look forward into delving into the popular belief that cockroaches would rule the world due to mankind destroying itself in a nuclear war (Probably could play with that idea in my hybridisation).

On another note, looking into the presentations of the previous students and the second years, I know it's not the way I should be feeling because we have a lot of time to get to that level but it was a very intimidating day. The work was incredible I'm not going to pick on any single presentation however the Metanoia animation (I think this was the correct spelling sorry if it's not) was an animation which interested me in pursuing this course when I was making up my mind.

At work today I have begun to start sketching my hand and the Madagascan hissing cockroach, and I should be posting these pictures onto my blog tomorrow with a few annotations but now off to do some more drawings and improve my abilities of drawing human anatomy and cockroach anatomy to create my transformation into a hybrid.