Monday, 16 February 2015

Daily Level UP! Ctrlpaint - Tutorials - Brush Control

Apologies for not posting for a while.... It has been a bit hectic recently! Managed to keep the reading up everyday which is great and I am thoroughly enjoying the conclusion to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy.

I'm going to start a new section after my success and enjoyment with the Daily Figure Challenge called Daily Level UP!
I have found some tutorials on Ctrl+Paint's Youtube channel in order to go back to basics of digital painting! One thing that I seemed to struggle with was the simple understanding of rendering with brush control. Luckily the first tutorial focuses on this very thing and I look forward to continuing through the videos!

The first video gave examples of how to clean up brush strokes with hard and soft brush/erasers giving handy worksheets which are all free to use and practice with.

First sheet with values then the second with colour. My attempts are on the right.

Still some improvement needed but I'm understanding the technique much better now and I hope to put this into much more practice soon.


Some little wind down sketches before I go to bed!

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