Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Figure Drawing challenge day 15

Lunch break sketch
Today I managed a quick sketch during my lunch break trying to practice faces which is something else I need to focus with on getting stronger with proportions to provide the likeness. The eyes and mouth are a little off here but keep practising and just like the rest it's going to get better :)

Again not much time today but I can pick up tomorrow with some extra work from today's lesson. Today was focusing of the lightning bolt technique in building the flow which the arms and legs have. This builds up the basic flow and muscle structure to start forming the figure from which is fantastic. This is really helping me tame my insecurities of drawing arms and legs. It's a way of embedding the opposing C technique in the figure to bring out correct forms. Here is a taster for today's lesson with some more work on the lightning bolt technique tomorrow.

Skill check Lightning bolt technique

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