Saturday, 17 January 2015

Figure drawing challenge day 12

IT'S FRIDAY!!! I've had a lot on this week but I've managed to read and draw every single day which I'm truly impressed with. Even though it's been late getting home or time has been short I've made sure that I have set aside time for my book and the FDC which are both becoming a necessity of my day to feel it is complete! I'm also noticing the improvement in the drawings which is pushing me to keep going with this!

Today focused on negative shapes, a great tool much like measuring angles, which is helpful in figure drawing. First building up the figure as usual with gesture line and landmarks then adding the negative space around the figure and between limbs and curves. Skill up was just to focus on creating a figure drawing

Skill check
After that I had to find the negative space of a complex shape such as a chair. The Perspective is slightly off but that is another thing I'm working on improving as well.

Skill Up
For the 'rest' days this weekend I am going to revisit the 2 weeks and try to catch up with some of the sections I missed for each day and continue building muscle memory to improve.

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