Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Figure drawing challenge 8-9

Another lacklustre day really on keeping up with anything past the skill check... I'm continuing on with at least drawing everyday still and reading at least a chapter of a book per day. I think my rest days will be full with revisiting this weeks homework everyday and practising the skills a bit more in depth.

I looked into the skill up from yesterdays homework and put some time into that. I am realising that I struggle with the proportions and perspective of 3/4 views which I need to urgently address. By continuing to practise this much like I have with the muscle memory exercises my proportions and faces will look better.

Day 8 Skill Up
Today's exercise was to begin adding features within the torso shape to define gender. V shaped torsos for male figures and hourglass shape torsos for females.

Day 9 Skill check
Something which I feel was a big help when I previously 'half arsedly' took this challenge I was reading Figure drawing - design and invention at the same time which I feel helped me and gave me a better understanding of what I was looking at for the homework in this challenge.

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