Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 5 Figure drawing challenge

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday... I was unable to start day five but did manage to get some muscle memory practice on my lunch break. Day five consisted of finding the line of action within gestures to kick start the drawing. After finding the line of action I had to consider 'landmarks' of the body to build the figure correctly.

The skill check was just to take your time and get a feel for finding the line of action and landmarks of a pose.

Skill check
Then moving on to quick gestural drawing... This I feel I need to work on by developing my linework to be more fluid and fast to try and capture the gesture rather than keep 'outlining' and focus on details. These were created on 5 minute timers and by doing these more often it will build my confidence in linework and gestural lines to build the pose.

Skill up

Skill up
I'm going to move on to day 6 straight away so that should follow soon.

Edit -

Days 6 + 7 are practice days.... I will add some 'practice' tomorrow evening.

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