Thursday, 19 February 2015

Daily Level UP! - Blending Edges

Started the tutorial from last nights video by trying to blend in an apples edges.

It's not too bad for starters and I'm still understanding this much better than before it is just going to take some practice, as always, to master.

Tried to blend some edges on the sketch up shapes provided on the tutorial and again I think it's looking better than I have done before. The use of hard and soft brushes accompanied by the eraser tool and temporary layers is becoming much more of a second nature now! I can't wait to learn more and start using my new understandings in full paintings!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Daily Level UP! More brush control

Another session of brush control this evening and I looked into the tutorials of understanding opacity and flow. I started watching the tutorial for Blending Edges which I will finish up tomorrow. I'm understanding the basics a lot more through these tutorials which I feel has always held me back painting wise. I know this is very simple stuff but I feel a lot more confident now and I am very excited to continue with the tutorials to improve.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Daily Level UP! Ctrlpaint - Tutorials - Brush Control

Apologies for not posting for a while.... It has been a bit hectic recently! Managed to keep the reading up everyday which is great and I am thoroughly enjoying the conclusion to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy.

I'm going to start a new section after my success and enjoyment with the Daily Figure Challenge called Daily Level UP!
I have found some tutorials on Ctrl+Paint's Youtube channel in order to go back to basics of digital painting! One thing that I seemed to struggle with was the simple understanding of rendering with brush control. Luckily the first tutorial focuses on this very thing and I look forward to continuing through the videos!

The first video gave examples of how to clean up brush strokes with hard and soft brush/erasers giving handy worksheets which are all free to use and practice with.

First sheet with values then the second with colour. My attempts are on the right.

Still some improvement needed but I'm understanding the technique much better now and I hope to put this into much more practice soon.


Some little wind down sketches before I go to bed!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge day 25

Today was focusing on trying to push the pose. It seems I have struggled with today and I think I need to look into some poses which include foreshortening.

The skill check was to push a pose from reference.

Skill check
The skill up was to take a pose draw the gesture as per the reference and then try to push it. I have found this quite difficult and I have been cautious and timid with expressing exaggeration. I will work on this more to hopefully become more comfortable with this skill.

Skill up

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge day 24

Day 24 and looking into some extremely difficult poses.

Skill check was to draw a figure using the basic perspective grid that was lying on the floor or sitting down. This was quite difficult and required previous techniques such as the coil technique to fully understand the figure.

Skill check
The skill up was to look at the pose maniac website and draw from difficult poses at strange angles. This was fun but extremely challenging and I think it would be a good idea to get to grips with a lot more practice on pose maniac!

Skill Up

Monday, 2 February 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge day 23

Hey there... Sorry I've missed a few days and in need of a catch up...

The challenge finished last week and I fell a little behind! But I will still finish it. Hopefully I should be posting twice this evening to catch up.

Firstly day 23 was to start putting the perspective grids into practice by adding figures into them and seeing how different parts of the figure are affected when above and below the horizon line (thinking back to day 22 on how the cylinder's top and bottom curves were affected).

The skill check was to just let loose on a figure drawing with perspective grid.

Skill check
The skill up was to draw different parts of anatomy to see how they were affected by being either under or over the horizon line.

skill check

skill check

skill check

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge Day 22

Today's lesson was quite quick and focused on perspective. This is definitely something that I need to focus on and I've got the how to draw anything book by Scott Robertson and will explore this in more detail to master it!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge days 19, 20 and 21

Lunch Break sketch
Today I've been playing catch up with the past few days. I started with a quick lunch time sketch to refresh myself after missing a few days. 

Day 19 was focusing on the rear muscle structure, a similar tutorial to day 18 so not too much to show but it was extremely helpful and something I need to continue practicing. I must look into the more detailed structure of the anatomy after this challenge to improve my figure drawing.

Day 20 and 21 were technically rest days for some practice so I did a couple of figures. These were awkward positions but were extremely helpful. I will finish and post up today's tutorial tomorrow. This was as far through the challenge that I got last time. I feel that there is a much bigger improvement this time which has been lent to my keeping up with the challenge and pushing extra sketches every day at lunch.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge Day 18

Lunch Break sketch
I had a lot of fun with the above sketch, the hand was pretty difficult and I would like to revisit it and improve the hand. Other than that great improvement in a 10-15 minute time scale.

Today's lesson looked at the basic front anatomy. Not too much to show for today just learning the basic muscle structure. I watched through the tutorial copying and understanding the basic structure and then after that it was a case of redrawing the figure without any reference to try and remember the muscles.

skill check
skill up
This weekend I will study the anatomy further along with tomorrows lesson of the back anatomy.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Figure drawing Challenge day 17

Lunch Break Sketch

Day 17 was a catchup day for everyone to visit incomplete days or practice. Today I looked into some coil technique as that seemed to be hugely successful for me yesterday. Dance reference is great for this here is another couple of poses which I draw this evening.

The closest foot and the face were extremely difficult to work with on the pose on the right but overall I'm pretty impressed with how it came out. The coil technique is definitely helping with foreshortening on figures!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge day 15 and 16

I went over the lightning bolt technique and looked at using it by creating a pose from reference from yesterdays tutorial.

Today's tutorial was looking into the coil technique, this is a great way to find out mass of limbs of a figure. Also the tutorial looked at the arc technique to keep limbs in proportion when arms at right angles, all great for foreshortening!

Drawing the arm on the right from reference was really helped out from the coil technique and I'm quite pleased with the end product. Foreshortening is something I find difficult to comprehend in posing and by combining these two skills will help greatly. A little bit of a practice day tomorrow so I will look at some poses which I can try out these skills on to further build upon.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Figure Drawing challenge day 15

Lunch break sketch
Today I managed a quick sketch during my lunch break trying to practice faces which is something else I need to focus with on getting stronger with proportions to provide the likeness. The eyes and mouth are a little off here but keep practising and just like the rest it's going to get better :)

Again not much time today but I can pick up tomorrow with some extra work from today's lesson. Today was focusing of the lightning bolt technique in building the flow which the arms and legs have. This builds up the basic flow and muscle structure to start forming the figure from which is fantastic. This is really helping me tame my insecurities of drawing arms and legs. It's a way of embedding the opposing C technique in the figure to bring out correct forms. Here is a taster for today's lesson with some more work on the lightning bolt technique tomorrow.

Skill check Lightning bolt technique

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge day 13 and 14

On the rest days I worked on some things that I struggle with in my figure drawing. Still more work to be done on these but hands and legs/feet are getting better. It is feeling so much more natural from drawing everyday. I'm looking forward to next weeks challenges!! Bring it on!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Figure drawing challenge day 12

IT'S FRIDAY!!! I've had a lot on this week but I've managed to read and draw every single day which I'm truly impressed with. Even though it's been late getting home or time has been short I've made sure that I have set aside time for my book and the FDC which are both becoming a necessity of my day to feel it is complete! I'm also noticing the improvement in the drawings which is pushing me to keep going with this!

Today focused on negative shapes, a great tool much like measuring angles, which is helpful in figure drawing. First building up the figure as usual with gesture line and landmarks then adding the negative space around the figure and between limbs and curves. Skill up was just to focus on creating a figure drawing

Skill check
After that I had to find the negative space of a complex shape such as a chair. The Perspective is slightly off but that is another thing I'm working on improving as well.

Skill Up
For the 'rest' days this weekend I am going to revisit the 2 weeks and try to catch up with some of the sections I missed for each day and continue building muscle memory to improve.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge Day 11

Day 11 was about pulling the simple skills together to create a gesture drawing. Following that it was to practice timed drawings.

Skill check

I will post up some timed drawings tomorrow (I need to focus on my quick simple lines to build the gesture I may have to revisit and study more into them to make it more comfortable and instinctual.)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Figure drawing challenge day 10

Day 10 was focused on creating simplified hands and feet. I feel I have always struggled with these parts of the figure so I will try to focus a lot more on this to perfect them.

The hands were simplified to mitten shapes and simple curves to have curves of the fingers correctly. The feet are simplified into triangles and laying the toes up like stairs.

Figure drawing challenge 8-9

Another lacklustre day really on keeping up with anything past the skill check... I'm continuing on with at least drawing everyday still and reading at least a chapter of a book per day. I think my rest days will be full with revisiting this weeks homework everyday and practising the skills a bit more in depth.

I looked into the skill up from yesterdays homework and put some time into that. I am realising that I struggle with the proportions and perspective of 3/4 views which I need to urgently address. By continuing to practise this much like I have with the muscle memory exercises my proportions and faces will look better.

Day 8 Skill Up
Today's exercise was to begin adding features within the torso shape to define gender. V shaped torsos for male figures and hourglass shape torsos for females.

Day 9 Skill check
Something which I feel was a big help when I previously 'half arsedly' took this challenge I was reading Figure drawing - design and invention at the same time which I feel helped me and gave me a better understanding of what I was looking at for the homework in this challenge.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Figure drawing challenge day 8

Another day of not having much time to fully approach the day. Hopefully I have some time tomorrow to fully tackle day 8 before taking on day 9. I'm just trying to at least get something done every day!

So here is the skill check of day 8. Exploring the face proportions and trying to add gender features to differentiate them. Features such as sharp angles for male faces and softer curved lines for female faces.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Figure Drawing Challenge 6-7

I missed Friday off a little with only having time to do some muscle memory exercises during lunch and watching the day 5 tutorial. I finished that tutorial up yesterday and today have tried to push myself with some gesture and figure drawing through a 30 minute 'class'.

30 seconds

30 seconds
1 minute
5 minutes 45 seconds
5 minutes 45 seconds
11 minutes 30 seconds
I think the problem I'm coming across is confidence in the quickfire 30/60 second exercises. I'm not concentrating on quick, confident lines and simple confident shapes that begin to reveal the gesture of a pose. I think I panic a bit and don't focus enough which I will hopefully address by doing these half hour classes more often.

The longer period poses I'm a lot more comfortable and therefore happier with but I need to continue these to increase my confidence in shorter periods of time to start building a well rounded gesture drawing.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 5 Figure drawing challenge

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday... I was unable to start day five but did manage to get some muscle memory practice on my lunch break. Day five consisted of finding the line of action within gestures to kick start the drawing. After finding the line of action I had to consider 'landmarks' of the body to build the figure correctly.

The skill check was just to take your time and get a feel for finding the line of action and landmarks of a pose.

Skill check
Then moving on to quick gestural drawing... This I feel I need to work on by developing my linework to be more fluid and fast to try and capture the gesture rather than keep 'outlining' and focus on details. These were created on 5 minute timers and by doing these more often it will build my confidence in linework and gestural lines to build the pose.

Skill up

Skill up
I'm going to move on to day 6 straight away so that should follow soon.

Edit -

Days 6 + 7 are practice days.... I will add some 'practice' tomorrow evening.