Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Have I found the Achilles heel?

Today I have started off with a couple of lose sketches. Just some nice portrait line studies which I'm thoroughly enjoying. They have definitely got some exaggerated and stylistic characterisation which I tried to pick up from the original references.

Moving on to working on my actual painting skills I decided to jump in with a value study. I watched a tutorial before hand and heard the guy mention about taking off shape dynamics on his brush. I started to try and outline but was getting slightly frustrated with my weak and shakey lines and dove straight in to applying block values. I took of the shape dynamics on my brush and started to feel much more comfortable applying blocks of value. I felt much more relaxed and flexible in applying myself and was really enjoying the piece. I feel a more laid back and experimental approach to the brush tools is knocking down a wall of insecurity that I've had with painting, which I'm thoroughly excited to continue to explore.

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