Saturday, 22 June 2013

Turnarounds Sideways for the smaller TVs

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  1. Hey Max: a couple of things: a) you don't have to double up your turnarounds on the same screen if you don't want to - why not have them as two separate sequences that follow each other - that way, people will be able to appreciate their details more. b) there was a bit of pro feedback left on the last PWTM suggesting that turnarounds should go 'full render>grey>wireframe>full render' c) You don't need to conclude with your branding and name, as you'll have an ident prior to the sequence that tells people who you are. d) I think you should consider fading out your environment background as opposed to just switching it off and e) it was suggested that you fade in your turnarounds from white over 2 secs and fade your turnaround sequence out to white over 2 secs - in keeping with the slideshow sequences that will precede the turnarounds.