Thursday, 6 June 2013

Atka Rim Light

Added a rim shader to Atka now he pops out a bit more. I also tweaked the texture as well around the eyes which I think looks a little better.


  1. Hey Max - this might be a rubbish idea, but I just have a hunch that if the rim lights were coloured - i.e. picking up on the orange rim-light you've depicted in your environment, this would look more punchy and even more 'of your world'. If it's easy enough to try, try it! For example, when you come to put Amarok in the crystal cave with all that blue glow, using really strong blue rim light could look very dramatic.

  2. Hi Max

    Is it possible to add a blue detail under the chin on the fur/chest from the back of the jaw downwards. You might also consider breaking the loops around the eyes too. He looks a little to much like a 'Bandit' at the moment.