Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Amarok Animated

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  1. Hey Max,

    Really exciting to see Amarok doing his thing! Well done. A few pointers if you've time to enact them; I think the 'bullet time' rotation should begin sooner - at the moment we wait for what feels like a long time before the rotation begins, and it feels to me as if as soon as he hits the mid-air moment and comes to a stop, the camera should begin it's rotation - and secondly, it does feel too as if inevitably, we should see Amarok complete his jump and run out of the scene too... (I know, I know, it's always more, more more!). I think it would be nice too, in addition to this sequence, if we were able to have some closer shots of Amarok running - maybe just run cycles, where he stays put (as if on a treadmill) but with the environment around him, and the camera moving from a front front view to a side view and so on. Anyway, as I said, great to see your character come to life like this because his gaming context is now completely clear :)