Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Updated environment and character render

Now with a more up close and personal attitude


  1. Hey Max - you got me worried - your entire blog disappeared for a while tonight - blogger kept telling me it no longer existed! :(

    That bottom render is about a billion times more engaging now, Max, but I do have another suggestion: it just seems a shame to me to have your wolf face on like that, because a lot of your work went into making him a wolf! You might want to consider turning him to face the boy a bit more so we can see his body and his snout and tail etc. so he reads more 'wolf'. Also it may just be on my laptop, but that sun spot on the ice is bleaching out completely; can you dial it down just a bit so we're not seeing 'bright white' - it's like seeing the white page showing through a drawing. I think it could go softer and hazier - and therefore less 'cg' - all your other surfaces have that matte 'could be a drawing' quality which gives your world its charm.

  2. Hmm that may have been my doing with changing the url to something more professional without prior warning... sorry!

    And ok :) not a problem I will get right on that! Thanks for the feedback Phil!