Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Turnaround first draft

No titles and credits yet will add them but just putting together the turnarounds for now

Music - Chasing the wind by SilverPoyozo 


  1. Hey Max,

    A couple of observations: while I LOVE the turnarounds as contextualised in the environment, I don't like the way the environment persists while the turnarounds of your characters go grey and then wireframe - it's a jarring effect and means that the environment always wins out against the now-less vibrant grey/wireframe versions. I'm wondering if you should consider simply fading the environment away as the textured model fades into the grey models, so that your whole world becomes plain and more 'tech'? It can be done nice and subtle I'm sure, but it does look very odd to me to see the environment persist even when the models are stripped away into their technical specification.

    Also - I think there must be a more 'filmic' more dynamic way of presenting your final environment + character ensemble; right now, with the camera POV up high like that, your composition seems very flat because both characters are sitting below the horizon line (indeed the boy's ears are just touching it) and this has the effect of cutting your image in half and making your characters seem flat. If you were literally to lower the camera (and take us a bit closer), the horizon line would fall behind your two characters and that simple act of occlusion would instantly make your characters spring forward and your environment recede. There's something about the composition of this final render, Max, that literally shrinks your characters and makes them seem less important than perhaps they should be - considering the time and attention you've given them! I suggest a re-think of this final render - if there's time - and maybe a variation of compositions (again, if there's time). What do you think - is this just the sort of feedback you don't want in the final week...?

  2. Nope the feedback is fine Phil I want to make sure that everything is as good as it can be I will get right on it. As for the final render I will play around with composition and post the results up for feedback :D

  3. Your turn arounds shouldn't speed up and then slow down into /out of them. In the graph editor select the curve and set them to linear tangents.

    1. Ok Thanks Jon I will sort that out as well :)