Sunday, 5 May 2013

Art of book sample pages

Working on the Art of book at the moment and was just after some feedback on the initial layout I have produced I've only done these pages so far as I don't want to get though to much to then change up a lot of it.


  1. Hey Max - the only thing I'd say is watch the actual 'shape' of your text elements - for example, on the second page, your text sort of wraps around those first eskimo drawings and the right edge looks really scrappy and then the left edge on the lowest bit of the text also looks untidy. How about making a decision right now about keeping your text justified for example (both edges are nice and straight) or aligned in a more designed way - perhaps avoid text wrapping altogether and just go for resolved blocks of text? Anyway - just look at the 'shape' of your text blocks and how they align with the width of your images, for example - just make it look as placed and as controlled as everything else :)

    oh - and please get someone to proof-read/grammar check etc - I know you're mates with Jackie Hagan... just saying!

  2. Ok thanks for the feedback Phil :) I will work on that

  3. And to add love the lighting on the first page, your character looks great here, maybe put the arms in a different position though just to carry the dynamic feel through completely :)