Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Trying out the logo with previous background content

Just some tests with the logo on the previous background content that I created before.


  1. In my opinion 1 or 2 : D
    Although the peachy colour kinda doesn't feel right : (

  2. I like 5, Max - it feels more boyish and gamey to me - but the blue on blue isn't working, though I think the black is powerful. What do you think about modelling the crystals in Maya and then dallying with the blue and saturation etc and lighting? (It just feels that a more 3d feel to the logo and some real 'space' between the text and crystals might help). Also if you were to combine the orange of the sunset as rim lighting and accent colour on the crystal, I think that could look nicely punchy with a bit of tweaking.