Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Logos and progress

Took a little break from texturing yesterday and today and made some progress on modelling and UVing the environment I aim to place my characters within taken from my concept pieces that I created. I will do some texture texts to see how they take. Also I need to start actually getting a brand to recognise this project under so I have revisited logo design. Any comments to improve the designs would be brilliant as I want to begin to derive a design for my art of book to put together as well.


  1. Hey Max - in all of the logos, the actual typeface doesn't feel imposing or important enough; it feels a bit visually flimsy. I suggest you explore some alternate weights of typeface and then add in some of the other components when that's working more decisively :)

    1. Ok Phil thanks for the feedback :) I'll get right on it