Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Logo text tests

The text of the logo is much bolder to stand out in the logo now. Taking from different schemes of design in my work - the first logo is the blue and red colours prominent on the wolf and boys colour schemes same as the second. The third featuring the blue colour with snow flakes and the fourth colour scheme links with the crystal formations in the ice caves concept that I created.

If found to be successful I will move on to adding the previous components that I had used on the previous logos.


  1. Hey max! I am not sure why but the title reminds me sort of the flintstone title. The last one looks better as it looks more like ice. Why not try 3D text in maya and give it a sort of icy look? :)

    1. Thanks Andriana I will look into that :)
      And now that you mention it, it does a little haha :P

  2. Yes, the last one for me too - nice and icey!

  3. Hi Max,

    I think the last one is working too, but I'm wondering if you should try some different text layouts and maybe even different text sizes; so try stacking the words on top of each other, making the 'of the' small - and variants thereof. To me, it all needs to feel a bit stronger.