Saturday, 27 April 2013

Environment and Amarok and beginning of logo

At the moment I'm trying to finish the rig for Amarok but having some more issues. (May have to unbind the rig and joints then re skin after placing in throat and teeth.) But I have added Amarok into the environment now and done a quick render. This definitely needs polishing but it is great to see him in the environment :)

Also I'm beginning to put together the logo in Maya and create some depth between the font and the background context.


  1. Hey Max - I don't like the see through quality of the 'snow wolf' text - the base of the crystals showing through is distracting. 2 things to consider then - making the letters solid and softening the base so there's no man-made-looking hard line in your logo.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phil will get right on it :)

  2. I like your world coming to life in the above render so great to see it coming together but I have to be honest I am not convinced by the Logo so as Phil suggested or maybe consider to chucking the icon bit out and just having the text? or have a smaller icon and move it beneath or to the side of text? might a few things to play around with :)