Saturday, 23 March 2013

Initial thoughts into branding

I've started looking into the branding leading to the graphic design of the art of book that I will be creating for the project. I looked into the designs of video game logos to inspire my ideas 

Looking at the Sly Cooper logo I thought around the shape of the Amarok's and Atka's hood and collar. Creating a basic shape for the text to overlay which is recognisable and distinguishable as being similar to the character. The type of font that I wanted to get would be cute looking to fit in with the design of the concepts and character designs. I looked into using a font called Snow Fox created by Skyhaven Fonts.

As beginnings I don't think these were very successful but lead me on to create this which is a bit more in the right direction. 

I think it would become stronger if the style of the wolf outline was a little more illustrative like the Ni No Kuni logo and maybe more flowing around the text as well much like Ni No Kuni's. I will continue to press on with this to create a good design to present my work in the art of book I am going to create. And through the work into the logo and by grabbing design elements from my concepts and character design I can make the book and work fit together well.

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