Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nailing the wolf design?...

So today I knew that I had to make progress on getting the wolf done as this is slightly holding the project back from going full speed ahead. I tried a different approach as the wolf seemed a little to stern and still not enough character within the design. I switched out the eyes with ones like the boys, added the cheeky grin, and lengthened the head creating what I think is a much more desired design. The wolf is gaining some character now and I think the two will now come across as a good matchup.

My final question with this design before I truly move on is to ask whether this needs that last little bit in adding details in the fur to give out hints of similarity with the boy or is this enough?


  1. Hi Max- looking very nice. Watch your expression as he looks a little nervous (its the lines at the top of each eye pointing inwards). also the red fur looks like a necklace, so maybe break it up a little so it looks more like a pattern in the fur, rather than a separate element. Maybe have a little more red on the sides?
    Anyway, the front view is great- really captures the human qualities that were needed.


    1. Hi Justin

      Thank you again that's a big help :) I will look into changing this up and finalising him.