Friday, 8 February 2013

Inspiration - I, Pet Goat II

Alan suggested I take a look at the animated short I, Pet Goat II. He explained that the short is extremely trippy...that was an understatement...

After watching the animation I took a peek into the meaning behind the animation with the name itself referring to the story that George Bush read with children at the time the planes hit on 9/11. The animation takes a look at all the critical events of suffering in the world that has shaped it to what it is today. Its drug induced and mind-bending but incredibly beautiful and brilliant.

(Reference one of the many interpretations and deconstructions that this animation has produced - Erroneous Dylan 

I never knew about the 6 or so minutes that Bush waited after hearing that America was under attack and the video posted recording him in the class is nothing short of creepy)

Prying myself away from the deconstructions of this animation and what I was supposed to be inspired about is the artwork and style of the short.

Alan suggested that due to the 'magical' presence within the story I should create a more magical environment and that the wave-like structures from this short would be a great place to start in terms of inspiration. I love these stills, the colours work so well and I will investigate implementing my own design style in a 'magical' sense to create a more fantastical Alaskan terrain for the players to explore.

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