Monday, 18 February 2013

Environment quick thoughts

In my tutorial on Friday me and Alan had some words about the environment concepts. The idea behind them needs to be abstract but not be so 'out there' that they confuse the eye into taking focus away from the characters. Alan spoke about the background art for the Looney Tunes cartoon Roadrunner created by Chuck Jones. The background art was done by Maurice Noble whose work stood out beautifully in design and abstract-ness but never took the eye away from the main character's actions.

Maurice Noble exhibited work

Noble's technique will be something to gain great inspiration from in my work. I have looked into other images for inspiration in my own ideas as well - 

Snow Mountain - by AlexTooth check out their Deviantart page!
There are many more of this artist's work that are incredibly inspirational for my work which I will take note of. 

Mini Ninjas concept
And finally a piece which I continue to derive inspiration from is Mini Ninjas concept art for its simplistic style. 

Finally here is my dabble at trying to nail this art direction. I think with a more focused idea from my chat with Alan on Friday from the inspiration of Noble's background art work and the inspiration I have collected myself I can turn these concepts into a more focused world for people to understand.

My quick attempt before friday's tutorial

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