Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wolf fur marking designs

After getting a green light on the Wolf's facial features and design I've looked into the fur marking design today. It's proving harder than I thought but I'm going to continue on because this is nearly done :)

Nailing the wolf design?...

So today I knew that I had to make progress on getting the wolf done as this is slightly holding the project back from going full speed ahead. I tried a different approach as the wolf seemed a little to stern and still not enough character within the design. I switched out the eyes with ones like the boys, added the cheeky grin, and lengthened the head creating what I think is a much more desired design. The wolf is gaining some character now and I think the two will now come across as a good matchup.

My final question with this design before I truly move on is to ask whether this needs that last little bit in adding details in the fur to give out hints of similarity with the boy or is this enough?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Environment concept speed paints

Just trying out some environment ideas to then move forward and create them in the style that I tested out before.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Full side view from wolf head design

Moved on to fleshing out a whole body for the head that I created and I feel this is much more positive. I think the next step is to figure out ways in which I can maybe implement the boys clothing designs onto the fur. The colours are there which is great but does it need that little bit extra?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wolf Head

Drawn up a wolf head that I quite like but not sure it is strong enough in design yet.

Need to be more inspired with David Colman's character design work to make it fit more with the boy character, make it cuter and move it away from just looking like a wolf..... I'm understanding the wolf anatomy better and feel it is easier to draw without relying on reference as much. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Understanding Wolf anatomy

Today I have ventured into trying to understand the anatomy of a wolf better to better the design of the wolf. I firstly went over some references to understand the shapes and sizing of the anatomy of a wolf

After I moved on to trying to derive a good design out of my better understanding of the wolf anatomy. Justin's feedback helped me as well and I feel that the designs are becoming stronger.

Boy after my chat with Justin today

After Justin's tips on improving my character I took to making it happen and although they are slight changes I think the character looks so much stronger now. I'm not to sure on the boots at the moment on this but I think this works very well and I'll continue to work on the boots to make the character whole. I will also begin to work into the wolf now as well to make sure that the design is as realised as the boys. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My chat with Justin

Justin Wyatt was in uni today giving us the opportunity to ask him for guidance on our projects. He was incredibly helpful and has given me some sound advice for me to continue to improve the design of this project and continue moving it forward. I showed Justin my designs and he was pleased with the the work so far but offered a lot of advice. The boy - Amarok is the much more realised character of the two but Justin advised that I needed to look into bringing slight changes to better the design. For example the wolf is bulky around its shoulders with fur and Justin suggested that I utilised the fur hood more and lower it to bulk up the characters shoulder area. He also suggested that the limbs of the character may need to change and become thinner much like the legs of wolves and then play on the design of the boots and add changes that make them more wolf-like. Other slight changes to facial features have been noted as well which I will work into the design. (showing of teeth, eyes wider apart, better hair design, more wolf-like nose)

After my tutorial with Alan on Friday I tried to work into giving the wolf characteristics of pride, wisdom and speed. Also I was trying to find a way to get the wolf to inherit characteristics of the boy to make the characters gel together more as a pair. My initial idea was to somehow transfer the patterns of the boys clothes onto the wolves fur.

Justin took a look at this today and explained that I need to look into the underlying body shapes to truly figure out the wolf and then start to work into the design. He drew out some examples for me and this helped me to understand the anatomy of the wolf better. He also said that transferring the patterns straight over to the wolf may not work but by adding fur-like shapes and adding splashes of similar colours to them would be as effective. The bottom image of my wolf exploration was the strongest which we both agreed as the anatomy of the legs were stronger and I think conveys pride within the wolf the most.

I'm excited to explore these changes to the characters in an attempt to make sure these are the best versions that they can be. Thankyou to Justin for his time and feedback today it was extremely helpful 

Bigger feet for Amarok

In the tutorial on Friday Alan suggested that the feet of the boy may need to be bigger to make the character feel stronger and also adding a splash more colour into the design to make it stand out more. I've looked into names for both the wolf and the boy and have believe that Amarok (Inuit for Wolf) for the boy and Atka (Guardian Spirit) for the wolf work well.

I'm still working into the design of the wolf at the moment to make it a more realised character. I will be chatting to Justin today and hopefully he can further aid my designs to make them more defined and polished.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Environment quick thoughts

In my tutorial on Friday me and Alan had some words about the environment concepts. The idea behind them needs to be abstract but not be so 'out there' that they confuse the eye into taking focus away from the characters. Alan spoke about the background art for the Looney Tunes cartoon Roadrunner created by Chuck Jones. The background art was done by Maurice Noble whose work stood out beautifully in design and abstract-ness but never took the eye away from the main character's actions.

Maurice Noble exhibited work

Noble's technique will be something to gain great inspiration from in my work. I have looked into other images for inspiration in my own ideas as well - 

Snow Mountain - by AlexTooth check out their Deviantart page!
There are many more of this artist's work that are incredibly inspirational for my work which I will take note of. 

Mini Ninjas concept
And finally a piece which I continue to derive inspiration from is Mini Ninjas concept art for its simplistic style. 

Finally here is my dabble at trying to nail this art direction. I think with a more focused idea from my chat with Alan on Friday from the inspiration of Noble's background art work and the inspiration I have collected myself I can turn these concepts into a more focused world for people to understand.

My quick attempt before friday's tutorial

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Working into the design of the wolf

In the tutorial on friday Alan suggested that the wolf needed a bit of work in the curvature from its head all the way down its back whichI've reworked and think it looks better. Also we discussed that the wolf needs to have some form of connection with the boy in terms of its design and we felt that could be expressed better by breaking the anatomy of the wolf. So bigger feet/paws for the wolf and then trying to incorporate the design of the boy's eyes into the wolf as well.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Development of boy design from tutorial

Alan said to me in the tutorial that I should look into combining some of the clothing patterns into one design and here it is. I quite like this design and think it's rather strong looking.

Colour examples for the boy

Trying out different colour variations for the character here. I'm going to now look into the combination of the clothing styles that me and Alan spoke about in the tutorial on friday to hopefully make an even more complete version.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Inspiration - I, Pet Goat II

Alan suggested I take a look at the animated short I, Pet Goat II. He explained that the short is extremely trippy...that was an understatement...

After watching the animation I took a peek into the meaning behind the animation with the name itself referring to the story that George Bush read with children at the time the planes hit on 9/11. The animation takes a look at all the critical events of suffering in the world that has shaped it to what it is today. Its drug induced and mind-bending but incredibly beautiful and brilliant.

(Reference one of the many interpretations and deconstructions that this animation has produced - Erroneous Dylan 

I never knew about the 6 or so minutes that Bush waited after hearing that America was under attack and the video posted recording him in the class is nothing short of creepy)

Prying myself away from the deconstructions of this animation and what I was supposed to be inspired about is the artwork and style of the short.

Alan suggested that due to the 'magical' presence within the story I should create a more magical environment and that the wave-like structures from this short would be a great place to start in terms of inspiration. I love these stills, the colours work so well and I will investigate implementing my own design style in a 'magical' sense to create a more fantastical Alaskan terrain for the players to explore.

Todays tutorial

My tutorial with Alan went really went today and I have come away feeling positive with this project. My next step is to continue working into the clothing which I have used for the boy and then work into a colour palette to start bringing the character to life. We talked about the wolf and I we agreed that number 4 of the previous post was the strongest yet it still needed some work to strengthen its design further in terms of the outline shape. Then after I've adjusted that I need to look into putting the characters side by side to make sure they draw similarities. Alan suggested the patterns of the boys clothing being part of the wolf's fur and also enhancing the size of the wolf's feet to emit the design of the boy (We also discussed the implement of the boys eye shape to make sure there are similarities.) Something that I didn't pay much attention to last project Alan suggested to make sure that this project is successful as a whole package that I begin to invest some time in working on branding. I will look into other examples as inspiration and provide my project with a stable support throughout the design process to showcase everything and give it a professional edge. Alan suggested I look into a short animation named I, Pet Goat II in terms of design for my environment and the stylistic and wave-like shapes that are produced are beautiful and will provide a great inspiration. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Clothing for the boy

Looking into references of Inuit clothing I have adapted them to the figure of the boy character. I will need to look into developing some designs for the boy with his hood off and I'm still trying to figure the best way to implement the "ears" in the hood fur.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Environment Influence map

Fitting in with the design of angular and stylistic I've looked into concept art to try and derive some influence for my own world that I will be creating for this project.

More Angular and stylised wolf

After comments from Alan I started to develop some of the sketches that I created previously. Taken on board the sense of style they were building up I've developed some more fitting in with the logic with cleaner lines.

I need to continue this angular stylised approach and implement it into my environmental design and the design of the boy. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Wolf Influence map

Looking to try and pin point the design for the wolf I've looked into influences from anime and chibi. I think the influence from their design will benefit my idea especially with the combination of stylisation and cuteness. 

Sketching out wolves

Sketched out some shapes for the design of the wolf spirit transformation. I'm not to happy at the moment with them in some cases I think they work but I don't know whether they need to be more cute to fit in with the design. Also I think that the wolf would need a little more whimsical-ness to it than the sketches that I have come up with. The wolf character is built for speed so the the sleek body is definitely a must but I want the design to still emulate the cuteness of the boy design as well. Maybe this will come through more in the design of the wolve's face? I like the stylised "collar" of number 3 and want to repeat that throughout the design while still providing a more "flowing" build for the character.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tutorial and Ideas for the body shape of the boy

Starting up with the boy the main point of the design is to be simplistic, stylistic and cute. Thinking around the gameplay his design will be based around being able to climb and swim well. Talking to Alan earlier in the tutorial about Alex The Kidd game on the master system has given me the idea to look into using the bigger hands and feet in combat combining with the elements to attack enemies with big fists/feet. Also I need to look into the storyline with the 'defeat' of bosses as it comes across as being to dark. Boss battles need to be thought about as to how they are dealt with. Again talking about Alex the Kidd and the rock, paper, scissors battle at the end of a level to defeat a boss. In this game I think a method of thought should be in place to beat the boss. Maybe look into having the boss taunt the character while the player has to traverse a platform puzzle and having to toggle certain environmental events to weaken the boss character. This in turn would lead to instead of killing the boss maybe the boss breaking down to tears and run away in a comedic fashion or a 'death' by turning to the spirit world again in a comedic fashion.