Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Xbalanque and Hunahpu

For the melee character I want him to derive characteristics from Jonah Hill. Being quite an erratic and clumsy character and taking on the figure which Jonah had when he was younger so this twin would be on the larger side but is where he gains strength from. 

As for Hunahpu being a character that relies on speed I want him to be skinnier and more slick. The actor I had in mind on basing this character on was Andrew Garfield. I wanted to convey a clever but cocky teenager and I think from Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman that he will suit well. 

The anatomy of the two characters definitely needs to be worked on I think Xbalanque being the stronger starter in this case. I need to revisit building the characters from shapes to refresh my memory and makes these characters great. My idea behind the type of build that I want the characters to have is similar to that of two heroes from the game Mini Ninjas found below.

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