Thursday, 11 October 2012


Talking with Alan in my tutorial helped me out a lot and again I’m feeling confident in this project. This project needs a Lego kit! The project requires a ‘Lego kit’ and I need to figure these parts out to build a successful design for this game. On one hand I have the environment where I need to design objects but not only that the objects and environments need to compliment the characters to create puzzles. The idea that I have for the characters is that one of the hero twins is built for speed and the other for brawn. So I need to figure out a gameplay design within the environment that will compliment the characters abilities. In this case I need to think about the types of puzzles that would fit with the characters i.e. trials of strength and speed to continue within the game. Not only that but I need to design a series of objects that would fit within the Mayan theme so different types of artefacts like vases and pots with collectibles in them to smash like what you would find in a Legend of Zelda game. As for the characters I need to understand what age range that the game is going to apply to and this can give clues into the way that the characters will then be portrayed. Another thing that Alan discussed was the idea of giving the characters within the game an actor to inspire build and characteristics.

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