Friday, 5 October 2012

Symbols into faces

I have continued to use Mayan masks to try and gain inspiration for my design. 

From a few of the mask outlines I have taken I started to try and put them together which started to make in my eyes a formation of a face. I took a couple of outlines from the previous post and created this -

From the shapes that I put down I started to draw around them to create a face. After initial sketching around the outlines I went over the lines to make them sharper and cleaner.

Again this is one example so far. I'm going to keep finding more outlines to derive some characters from and design my world with but these first steps are looking promising.


  1. oh - and while I'm dropping by to signal my satisfaction at your creative method here, I'm also going to suggest that you give your blog a little more love, Max - in truth? It's pretty bloody boring, and while I know you liked your character designs for the group project, perhaps it's time to move on and go for something a bit more pro, a bit more polished? On Monday, Jordan Buckner - our new GTA (or Tom Beg!) - will be in all day, and he's the man to talk to about invigorating your blog template. For example, you don't even give your full name or name the course or anything like that - which means that while your design work is growing in professionalism etc. your blog still looks like your well-meaning hobbyist who lives a solitary life in his bedroom.... ;)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil much appreciated. And yes I feel the same I've seen other peers' blogs and feel mine needs a bit of work. I will take a look at giving it a new breath of life over the weekend and during next week.

  3. Hey Max - much improved - just wondering if you need the word 'blog' in your title, as that's what we already know this is - how about just 'Max Rogers'?