Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hunahpu expressions

Addition of Tattoos with specific symbols and more thoughts behind Hunahpu's weapon

So the characters now have tattoos of mayan symbols which match the type of character they are. I have had some more thoughts on Hunahpu's weapon making the atlatl branch a racquet and the character could use it as a secondary weapon. With the atlatl racquet attached when throwing the spear Hunahpu will be able to throw the spear at further away enemies and the damage will be greater as well.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thoughts on Hunahpu's weapon

Trying to make this weapon fit into a Mayan period with the characters I researched the type of weapons commonly used by the Mayans to gain some inspiration for design. I came across the atlatl - it's a tool which helps the spear thrower gain leverage to throw further and at higher speeds.

So this racquet can be used in a spear like manner with the atlatl attachment in combat and to solve certain puzzles for the characters as well.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Xbalanque and Hunahpu and tattoos

Here's the two characters together and I've been working on tattoo designs for the characters as well.

I've had ideas on adding certain symbols into the tattoo design for the characters to link in to what type of attacks they use. For example for Xbalanque the strength character I could incorporate the design of the mountain or shield to symbolise his strength. Where for Hunahpu the speed character I could incorporate the jaguar symbol or sun linking with the speed of light to symbolise speed.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Production Pipelines

The link below features techniques and production pipelines within the industry with companies such as Epic

3 different production pipelines for video game characters (found at chapter three of the paper)

Technical pipeline:

Concept – Finalise the design for the two characters. After this has been completed create pose and expression sheets for them to bring life to the characters.

Modelling – Due to the power limitations of video game consoles, polygon counts are essential to keep an eye on the character. Characters such as Nathan Drake of the first Uncharted game had up to 30,000 polygons.

Texturing – The texture memory for consoles needs to be kept on top of and the UV maps need to be kept clean and compact to utilise memory.

Baking – Using the alpha channels in a variety of different ways to add other information. Combining opacity, specularity, incandescence, reflectivity, bump maps, normal maps and displacement maps to make an impressive looking character even if it is has a low-poly count

Rigging – Much the same as the polycount the amount of joints need to be kept on top of to make sure that memory is utilised and keep within the limitations of game consoles.

Turnaround – Showcasing the characters in lighting and creating wireframes to showcase the geometry of the character and up close of characters textures.

For a more theatrical pipeline the focus will be the final product being driven by the outcome of the characters coming to life with animation to see how the characters would look in the environment of the game.

Monday, 22 October 2012

More character design

Adding some accessories that will suit the characters more. The top one being the strength character having more armoured accessories and the bottom speed character wearing less clothing and being lighter to be quicker. I used previous shapes from my other findings of the masks to try and build a weapon racquet for Hunahpu which is mentioned within the story. After deciding on a final version I will add in specific details to finish the characters off such as tattoos and patterns on the clothing.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hunahpu - speed character

Working with Hunahpu today the speed character. I wanted to try and create some exaggeration in certain muscles of the character mainly the legs and then the character thinner and slicker in the other places such as the arms.

The one on the right looks more feminine than I wanted but the style of head works. Again much like the strength character I need to take into account on the design of the clothes and accessories and body tattoos. The character on the left is looking more successful and I will look into the accessories for these characters to make them much more successful characters and make them fit into this world.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Strength Character Xbalanque

After my tutorial today I began to look at the stuff that I had previously worked on after the past few weeks to try and get these designs kick started. For the melee/strength character I started working with the pottery that will feature within the game to work out the shapes. 

I then took the previous face that I had created the other week and worked that design into the character.

I think this may need a little more work in the shapes as I think it's coming across as more of a sidekick. I'm going to work on this and add some more accessories to the character as well including body paint/tattoos. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Xbalanque and Hunahpu

For the melee character I want him to derive characteristics from Jonah Hill. Being quite an erratic and clumsy character and taking on the figure which Jonah had when he was younger so this twin would be on the larger side but is where he gains strength from. 

As for Hunahpu being a character that relies on speed I want him to be skinnier and more slick. The actor I had in mind on basing this character on was Andrew Garfield. I wanted to convey a clever but cocky teenager and I think from Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman that he will suit well. 

The anatomy of the two characters definitely needs to be worked on I think Xbalanque being the stronger starter in this case. I need to revisit building the characters from shapes to refresh my memory and makes these characters great. My idea behind the type of build that I want the characters to have is similar to that of two heroes from the game Mini Ninjas found below.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Collectibles within the game

So in thinking about making up the environment for the game I need to think about objects that are going to be included for the player to interact with. So when talking to Alan he said that the game would need a similar object to the Mario games that would provide the player with collectibles. I have decided to go with the idea of using Mayan pottery as an object that the player can gain a collectible from. The collectibles that I have in mind to be collected is gold and Jade. The gold found will be used by the player to upgrade abilities of the characters to combat the more fearsome enemies towards the end of the game, the Jade collected will be used to upgrade armour and weapons. To gain the collectibles characters must search within the environments for certain objects such as Mayan vases which they can attack to smash and gain the collectibles from. If the player manages to find vases that have been hidden in a secret room within the game then the amount of collectibles will be much greater. These secret rooms will often provide the players with a challenge to figure a way to get to the secret room however.

Mario has the mystery box this game has vases...
An idea for these secret rooms is that they can be hidden in plain sight, for example one idea the brawn player will be able to smash a wall with a crack in it opening up the room for both players to collect the gold and jade from the vases inside.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Floriane Marchix and Rayman Origins

Looking into simplistic but beautiful and vibrant art styles within games I forgot one of the most fitting - Rayman Origins.

Playing this game is an absolute joy on the eye with the game having incredibly entertaining gameplay combined with brilliant music and fantastic art direction. Looking into the concept art behind this game I came across the artist Floriane Marchix who worked on Rayman Origins.

Artwork from Rayman Origins -

And some favourites of her personal work -

Marchix's blogger -

Mini Ninjas Game and concept art

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Talking with Alan in my tutorial helped me out a lot and again I’m feeling confident in this project. This project needs a Lego kit! The project requires a ‘Lego kit’ and I need to figure these parts out to build a successful design for this game. On one hand I have the environment where I need to design objects but not only that the objects and environments need to compliment the characters to create puzzles. The idea that I have for the characters is that one of the hero twins is built for speed and the other for brawn. So I need to figure out a gameplay design within the environment that will compliment the characters abilities. In this case I need to think about the types of puzzles that would fit with the characters i.e. trials of strength and speed to continue within the game. Not only that but I need to design a series of objects that would fit within the Mayan theme so different types of artefacts like vases and pots with collectibles in them to smash like what you would find in a Legend of Zelda game. As for the characters I need to understand what age range that the game is going to apply to and this can give clues into the way that the characters will then be portrayed. Another thing that Alan discussed was the idea of giving the characters within the game an actor to inspire build and characteristics.

 Some inspiration-

Monday, 8 October 2012

Finding some full forms

First of all I built a silhouette from the shapes that I found in the Mayan masks and then also just used some of the shapes to form clothing and sketch in the gaps quickly.

Another Face

Friday, 5 October 2012

Symbols into faces

I have continued to use Mayan masks to try and gain inspiration for my design. 

From a few of the mask outlines I have taken I started to try and put them together which started to make in my eyes a formation of a face. I took a couple of outlines from the previous post and created this -

From the shapes that I put down I started to draw around them to create a face. After initial sketching around the outlines I went over the lines to make them sharper and cleaner.

Again this is one example so far. I'm going to keep finding more outlines to derive some characters from and design my world with but these first steps are looking promising.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Using Shapes to create design

Starting off with with Mayan masks I have taken them into Photoshop and went round the designs on them to try and influence the design of the characters and environment in the game.

This is just a start but I'm finding it easier to create some forms of design for the world that these characters are a part of and I will need to keep researching into other artefacts and structures. From these I can make sure I can create a believable and authentic set of rules for the design.