Tuesday, 25 September 2012

3rd Year: Proposal

Aims –

Last year I attempted to create a character for a platformer video game based around Japanese myth. Video games are my interest and this year I want to increase my skills and knowledge in techniques in game design. The aim of my year is to concentrate on increasing my skills in character design further to be able to develop my abilities in deriving sharper character design and increase my skills in producing that design in a 3D format ready for a video game or video game cut scene. I also would like to improve my skills in concept art as well. Seeing as I concentrated last year on character design I may branch out and design the environment of a game to better my skills at concept art for environments and modelling skills for environments as well.

Idea –

A video game based around the two hero twins from Mayan mythology. The video game design will be heavily influenced by Mayan colours and Mayan art. The twin characters can be characterised as opposites to create an interesting narrative and in being twins the way that the characters interact with things within the game could be based around combination. This could be incorporated in puzzles within the game to create interesting challenges for the player and also brought into the combat of the game where they have special attacks they could combine with each other to take down foes. By researching more into the twins tale I can think about designing props and interactive environments within the game to create a ‘character set’ which will fulfil the criteria of gaining a better skill set in environmental  concept art whilst giving the characters an environment to ‘belong’ in. 

The Hero Twins shooting a perched bird demon with a blowgun

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