Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Western Stock images

My chat with Alan this morning was extremely helpful. In terms of my ideas they may be too complicated for the amount of time in this project so a certain amount of compromise must be had in order to make this a successful project.

My stronger ideas I feel are situated in the Western theme. This idea originally featured a duel at high noon  with the camera taking a perspective of one of the duelists. As the 'camera' walked along the audience would hear spurs from the boots and then the camera would spin round and in the centre of the screen would be the sky movies logo.

The Sky Movies brand is presented as very professional but as Alan pointed out the adverts have a magical realims to them. He pointed out that this idea would mean that I would have to model the town and this may be too much for the 4 weeks left of this project. In order to swing this around Alan suggested having the camera static. In this idea the camera would be static as the sky logo with its back turned walks forward in the duel at high noon and then spins round to reveal itself. In this case if I go down the route of modelling the Western town there is less to model as the camera is static. Other options would be to include matte paintings using stock photos to make the western town come to life.

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