Tuesday, 1 May 2012

80's Action Heroes

The Action Movie Sub-genre features large explosion, incredibly musculur men, gunfire, cheesy one-liners and unrealistic survival odds. They aren't well known for their plots however they provide incredible adrenaline rush to appeal to testorone and their humorous one-liners that edges on the uncomfortable.

To figure out the icons that I can use for my sting I'm going to look at the different heroes of this sub-genre and the iconic features that come with them i.e. John McClane and his white vest top.

Die Hard - John McClane - Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis only featured once in the 80's as an action hero as John McClane, the one-liner spouting New York cop, who has featured in the Die Hard tetralogy (soon to be a pentalogy)

Die Hard - 1988

One ordinary New York cop fights against an office building full of terrorists who have taken hostages, one of those being his wife. Wearing his trademark white vest (which doesn't stay white for long) he causes havok for the terrorists in order to save his wife cutting his feet through the absense of shoes on glass.

Iconic things to add in the sting -

White Vest
Machine gun
Cop badge

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnie is a  key figure in the 80's action hero starring in many of the memorable and classic action fests. 2 Conan films, The Terminator, Commando, Predator and The Running Man. Arnie was a bodybuilder in his early life and this physique made him the perfect action hero for the 80's. Also his aggressive austrian voice was great for the genre wise-cracking one-liners.....GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!

Iconic things to add in the sting -

Conan's sword
Terminator's Sunglasses
Bazooka from Commando
Big Guns

Sylvester Stallone

Sly has had successful career, also being of an extremely muscular build he is a perfect fit for the action hero role. Being part of two successful action franchises - Rocky and Rambo. Other films featuring Sly in the action hero sub-genre is Cobra and Tango and Cash.

Iconic things to add in the sting -

Rambo Bandana
Rocky boxing gloves
Rocky Chicken
Rocky punch bag
Cobra Gun, Sunglasses and Toothpick

Chuck Norris 

Chuck Norris has become an internet sensation due to his involvement in action films and his beard. He uses lots of guns and also uses martial art skills and he ticks all the boxes for making bad films that are just good for a good testosterone fuelled evening.

Iconic things to add in the sting -

Martial arts uniform

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Van Damme is well known for his action/martial arts films. He learnt martial arts from a young age and became Mr Belgium. His first successful film was Bloodsport a martial arts film where the charcacter enters a tournament where he could be killed.

Iconic things to add in the sting -


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