Monday, 30 April 2012

The ten ideas I have so far


-        Camera pans across a wall at night then reaching the end reveals a police car with flashing lights in a dark poorly lit street and then the sky movies logo reveals.

-        Camera pans across a cell block with lights flickering, slowing to a final cell with the sky movies logo inside. The cell door then abruptly closes.

-        Camera looking down into a poorly lit street, begins to descend to the street where a body outline marking is on the floor. Police cars pull up close to the outline and as the outline fills the screen the camera stops and the sky movies logo reveals.

Action Hero:

-        A lit match falls to a fuse. The camera franticly chases after the fuse as it twists and turns accompanied by action music. It goes into a room with the sky movies logo and the fuse continues on behind the logo which then sets off an explosion behind the logo.

-         Grand city-scape torn by battle, a fleet of helicopters zoom past the screen which reveal the sky movies logo
-       The camera follows a fast and frantic car chase through the streets. An unsuspecting lorry begins to reverse. The first car swerves and avoids while the other crashes through the lorry. The camera looks through the hole to reveal the sky movies logo


-          Camera pans up a wooden surface then reveals the inside of a western saloon with the doors swinging. The sky movies logo appears over the swinging saloon doors accompanied by a western soundtrack.

-         Shot of a western town accompanied with a western soundtrack, slight wind blows shutters on windows, then a tumbleweed blows past the screen and reveals the sky movies logo

-        Camera floats through a western valley. As it goes past a rock formation the Sky movies logo is revealed dramatic western soundtrack accompanies.

-        Camera takes up the perspective of someone in a duel in a deserted western town. Hearing the clock strike 12 the camera edges forward. Accompanied by spurs of the boots and a tense western soundtrack the camera then quickly spins round to reveal the sky movies logo.

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