Friday, 27 April 2012

First ideas

Looking at the recent adverts which have been created for Sky Movies the ideas behind them fit well with the type of genre and have key links with film. Such as the 2007 Stings they created a lighting rig to mimic flickering cinema projectors, these stings mimic the channel genre. For example in the action and adventure Sting the camera is fast paced, zooming through the lights and accompanied with a fast paced action packed theme to accompany it.

The themes of the Sky Stings are very professional as the Sky brand is very well known and therefore I feel that my interpretation of a Sting for any of the three themes that I have to choose from have to follow a similar path branding wise. I think a few ideas are going to incorporate CG elements that link to the themes I have been given and then a similarly themed matte painting in the background. This idea is similar to the current branding that Sky are using and had used in their christmas ident the last 5 second in particular -

I plan to get many ideas down over the weekend but I feel through exploring the current brand I have made it easier for myself.

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