Sunday, 12 February 2012

Styles I need to address

Japaneses culture is often referred to as being very simplistic and elegant, this beauty being referred to as Wabi-sabi.

"Traditional Japanese architecture, for example, seems simple because of its emphasis on empty space, lack of ornamentation, and quiet, subdued colours; nevertheless, such buildings are said to possess an elegant beauty. Such qualities are also found in the Japanese arts and literature: the design of pottery is often simple and the colour unobtrusive, while the structure of Japanese poems is spare and uncomplicated, yet both reflect a simple and elegant beauty." (Davies, 223; 2002)

My previous post features works of art in the Japanese style Ukiyo-e showing different Kitsune portrayal. The art form originally consisted of black and white prints and painting but later systems were created to allow different plates therefore different colours. Most of these prints would feature women and kabuki actors but later artists expanded the style to include landscapes.

I need to break into this simplistic styleand avoid western 'copying', much like Alan and I discussed, I need to start off as simple as possible such as finding simple lines and shapes much like The Incredibles to define my characters and move on from there.
References -

Davies, Roger J. (2002) The Japanese mind: understanding contemporary Japanese culture - page 223

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