Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Kitsune idea

So thinking about where to take the transcription project I've been trying to zone in on different folklore and Myth. Thinking about the Kitsune at this particular moment the idea resolves around creating a character for a game born of a Kitsune. This character would wield special powers and abilities to overcome her journey of avenging her family who were killed by an evil Kitsune (Nogitsune) and his leash (group of foxes).

The back story would be that the evil Kitsune and the female characters Kitsune mother were once together but due to the evil Kitsune's rebellion from the Inari (they protect the Inari shrine - the Shinto deity of rice -  as guardians warding off evil Nogitsune) he was exiled to the spirit world. The Kitsune mother helped a lonely young man who was very loyal to the fox to which she made it her goal to find enough reeds to place on her head and become human. After the Kitsune mother transformed into a beautiful young woman the lonely young man fell in love and the two became soul mates. The evil Kitsune became wild with jealousy and vowed revenge on the couple and the Inari. Over many years the evil Kitsune trained himself to become extremely powerful and gain a skull to travel back to the normal world to disguise himself as a human. The main character is born and some of her mother's powers and abilities are transferred. Unfortunately the evil Kitsune returns and acts out his revenge by burning the families house down killing all inside but the young girl, just as the flames are about to end her a member of the Inari bursts in and saves the child. The Nogitsune leash not yet powerful enough to hold against the Inari retreat to the spirit world. Knowing that Nogitsune would return to wreak the final part of revenge on the Inari, they train the girl to ready her powers and abilities to face them.

This is an idea which I've gained inspiration from reading through different websites with stories about Kitsune.

For the character I will have to decide on a certain form that I will portray her in as through the gaining of power the kitsune are said to gain more tails and when they reach nine tails their fur goes white or gold. This could propel the plot with the main character having to gain tails to become more powerful and intelligent to face the Evil Kitsune.

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