Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ideas for type of game

Talking through my ideas with Alan on Thursday and I've got a lot to think about to get this ball rolling. One main thing that needs to be addressed to drive this project is the type of game that I am creating the character and art for so I can derive some form of style.

My initial idea for the game was based around a young woman born of a shape-shifted Kitsune(fox). This young woman had been born with the special abilities and powers that these Kitsune possess and after her mother (the shape-shifted Kitsune) and father are killed in a house fire by an evil Kitsune leash led by the horrible ex love of the mother. This idea was based around a hack n' slash game much like God of War where the character would take upon a journey to the spirit world to protect the Inari temple from the vengeful leash who were cast out for their evil ways. Throughout the journey the player would be able to level up the abilities to make the young woman more powerful by beating enemies and after certain "boss battles" the characters appearance would change in her quest as she becomes more powerful. This idea is connected with that in Japanese folklore when these foxes become older they gain more tails and become more intelligent. A way I could introduce this into the game is that when the character beats a certain part of the game the character would gain longer hair, in thinking this the character could then, as her hair gets longer and longer, she puts her hair into more ponytails to symbolise the foxes tails. Also throughout the game there would be a chance to collect reeds which would then allow the player to transform into different forms to aid them in fighting enemies.

This idea would be completely toned down from what God of War is like but feature similar style gameplay.

When talking to Alan I brought up the characteristic that some of these foxes had, they were considered to be extremely mischievous by people. He said that this characteristic would be a great place to start from in creating a game as would drive a narrative and the baddies design. From this Alan brought the idea forward of some sort of puzzle game, where the baddies would take things and the main character would then have to solve puzzles and find them to bring them back. I think this would work quite well based around the character having fox abilities and being rather intelligent. I thought that maybe the character could perform tasks and puzzles for the locals around town. Things such as a lineup of people and you have to find out which one of the is a  mischievous fox in disguise. This would offer a much more childish and stylised approach to design something like costume quest -

A third idea could be a 3D platformer game much like Crash Bandicoot, or the Sly Racoon series where the character would have to search for some object, maybe an Inari statue/s that have been stolen by mischievous foxes which have brought misfortune to the locals or just a lowing morality and the character has to get them back in the surroundings of the village and further into the game travel to the spirit world. The design again would be rather stylised much like the Sly and Crash series. Again much like the Hack n' slash idea there would be opportunities for the character to level up and use special abilities to aid them in the quest. And also I think the idea of the character being able to collect reeds to shape shift to aid them into getting to other places which they are previously unable to access would be in place as well.

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