Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Getting bck into using graphics tablet

Just getting to grips with graphics tablet use again first with sketching a female with fox abilities,

This isn't the type of style I want to incorporate in my work but I thought that I would use the thought of the 'human' foxes being red headed.

Thinking about my delves into different types of games yesterday I thought about how I could portray the mischievous foxes within the game. In Japanese folklore the foxes were said to find skulls which would then change them into a human when they wore them on their heads. I also thought about the mischievous side being brought out in a childish manner so I came up with the idea of thinking of mishievous children wearing skull masks to carry out their mischief.

I can use different types of skull for the children to wear as they cause mischief around the town.

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