Thursday, 16 February 2012

A couple of different types of fox enemies within the game

So thinking about what these characters would do to hinder the main character I started off with the 'sneaking' fox.

So this fox will at the beginning hide in extremely obvious places for comedic effect. But when attacked the fox will attack or run to another hiding spot if not pursuited. Later on in the game these foxes will be hidden much better such as posing as false statues which then attack when the player tries to take the false key or gem from its mouth.

This cute fox will be playing with a collectible item for the player however when attacked the fox will cry causing it to become extremely angry. Further into the game the cute foxes cry will alert many other foxes which the player will then have to dispatch. They will be higher in power and become very difficult to dispatch especially in numbers.

In the next week I'm going to get my hands on Okami and take a look at the art first hand. I'm going to think about some more enemies to cause the mischief for the game.

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