Friday, 24 February 2012

The beginning of the base structure realisation

Once again I have let myself fall into the trap of shying away when things aren't going to plan. I really need to break out of this habit and be as vocal as possible on my blog. Anyway moving on....

So I was stuck in a confusion of not knowing how to portray these fox characters and began to come up with different designs. They aren't particularly great but I kept looking at different portrayals of foxes in Japanese folklore and the shape of foxes to try and come up with a base form.

I looked into many instances of inspiration one being the Raving Rabbids characters which I thought would be a great source of inspiration to get some ideas from their zany characteristics and look. But I realised that I needed to make sure that it was easy to recognise a connection of Japanese artistry and folklore from the start before I could think about the line work. I started looking into Kitsune masks and the idea started rolling that these foxes would have markings similar to the masks on their faces.
I really liked this idea and then tried to add a body to some of the previous faces inspired by Kitsune Masks and add some simple expressions.

I chatted with Alan yesterday about the above right hand image and encouraged me to work into this design to make it better. I need to play around with the pen tool to make some crisper lines and get some exaggerative curves into the body shape to make the character stand out more. After I have perfected this with the 'base' Kitsune I will be able to push it into the other enemy territories discussed such as a sneaking fox which I will need to look at exaggerating the curve of the back.

Unfortunately my Illustrator is currently not working at the moment but I am experimenting with the pen tool in Photoshop at home. I know this isn't as successful at this point but it's good practice which I will be able to start perfecting on Monday.

I will continue to exaggerate the curves of the character in experimenting and much like I discussed with Alan more lines can be added to create 'fur' like shapes on things such as the tail. I also need to address the characters eyes and perfect them which I will be working on as well.

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