Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Transcription project

And so Transcription begins.....

We are asked to transcribe something of a narrative or body of investigation into a digital project, something like a novel to character design or music to music video. My initial thoughts on the project were very limited and I struggled to get any strong ideas forward. My first thoughts for this project were to transcribe the Richard Matheson book I Am Legend doing my best to stick with the explanations of the book rather than follow the film into either character design for a game or environment design for a game. I spoke to Phil yesterday and he quite rightly pointed out the faults with the idea in it being very limited in its art direction. I would be dressing a character in suitable clothes until he looked right, and if I chose the environments they would become renders of 1950's typical LA. This wouldn't particularly give me any chance to develop my skills much and agreeing with Phil I dropped the idea sharpish.

A second intitial idea spawned from a Two Steps From Hell track called Birth of a Hero.

This idea would entail an animation of a hero character training and throughout the animation he/she would age. Phil was again quick to point out the trouble with the idea in reminding me of the amount of time that I have, designing, modelling, rigging, skinning and animating say 5 different types of the same character would take a lot of time in order to accomplish this idea as I would want it to be. 10 weeks is no where near enough time.

Chatting with Phil was extremely helpful and he explained that this project is a way to work towards your future, or improve on things you feel you will want to improve on for your future. To take away with me Phil suggested the use of folklore or myths to take into account or some kind of elemental focus. As I'm interested in video games and character design is always something I have been interested in and would love to go into the industry doing. I know my previous introduction to character design was extremely weak and even if this project doesn't solely focus on just a character design I would like it to become a part of my work if i decide to slide into making a short animation.

There is much research to be done and after my chat with Phil and some quality and pleasing feedback today I am determined to prove myself.

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