Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Research into Myth and Folklore

When I spoke to Phil he spoke about envisioning a season as a character in a game, what would that look like? Then spoke about doing the same for an element, in particular fire. Much like Phil said everything is derived from an idea such as Final Fantasy gain influence from myths and gods with their characters such as Ifrit/Efreet, Odin and countless others.

To begin with I started looking at the easiest and well know option which is Greek mythology. Interested in the element fire I looked at God's which were associated with the element and in Greek mythology that being Hades. Linking with fire being connected with Salamanders the name coming from the Greek for 'Fire Lizard' I thought at least one path to take with designing Hades would be to look at the idea of making him a big boss character of a game as a giant fire lizard or splice the humanistic depiction with a lizard.

I then looked into some Japanese folklore and came across Kitsune. This is the japanese word for fox which Japanese folklore tends to depict often with magical abilites and high intelligence. Some tales even depict them taking on human form when they age to 100 when they place reeds, broad leaf or a skull on their heads. They particularly took on the form of a beautiful women. I could take this idea one of two ways I believe, one the hero option or the villain option and make the fox more of a horrible character using the powers for their own greed.

Another idea has headed into fairy/faerie territory looking into an idea of designing a Will-o'-the-wisp fairy. One idea for this is to create it as a boss character for a game which is terrifying but beautiful something like a siren making wanderers stray from their path to a horrible death.

This Siren-like wisp could be influenced by the character Yunalesca (second form) from Final Fantasy X

  Another idea I have for the Will-o'-the-wisp is coming up with a more cute entity which I feel could branch into an animated short if I feel I can produce the work in the time limit. The idea being that the fairy is lonely and tricks a character to stray from their path so that she can gain a friend. However this leads to annoyance because the character cannot find their way back and then resents the fairy. The fairy becomes sad to which the character feels bad and they look for the path back together. I do like this idea and it would be a nice cute animation to do but I just don't know whether time will be on my side unfortunately. 

So this is where my mind is at so far I look forward to my meeting with Alan to talk through my ideas and get some encouraging feedback.

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