Friday, 2 December 2011

@Phil Postmodernism Essay

Hi Phil

I've researched around the videogames subject and come up with a plan of action for the essay.

The examination of the postmodern term Hyperreality in relation to video games
  • Introduce and define the Postmodernism term
  • Define the term hyperreality and introduce Jean baudrillard’s work around the term
  • A quick summary of the videogame industry and its development in technology
  • Introduce one of the biggest selling franchises in gaming, Call of duty
  • Talk about the immersion of gaming and how the ‘realism’ contributes to hyperrealism
  • Introduce the study conducted on (GTP) Game Transfer Phenomena (a study on ‘ immersion in the video game environment can influence the player during the game and afterwards (including fantasies, thoughts, and actions).’ (
  •  Introduce british media outrage examples i.e. Jo frost blaming video games for the actions of rioters in the recent London riots and the daily mail with a specific article linked with GTP and the recent murder of sailor Ryan Donovon.
  • Introduce a film example Scott Pilgrim VS. The World which is filled with postmodernism taking special note of the GTP references constantly throughout (such as the evil exes being a ‘boss of each level, Gideon the final ex being found on ‘Level 7’ and they explode after each battle into coins to award a ‘higher score’). This will ultimately link with baudrillards work around hyperreality (For Scott Pilgrim there is no distinction between video games and reality).
Again please let me know of any issues



  1. Hey Max :)

    This sounds great - though just ensure you give enough time, attention and evidence to the theoretical stuff; I wonder if Scott Pilgrim might be an idea-too-far, because you're mostly dealing with real world evidence for hyperreality, and perhaps introducing an entirely fictitious narrative might ultimately dilute the points you're discussing? Anyway - in general, yes, I think you should progress with confidence, Max - and just ensure you continue to refer to Tracey A's 'what a paragraph must contain' guide in the How-To lecture notes on myUCA/Postmodernism/Unit Materials to ensure you're crafting your discussion effectively. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Phil apologies for the pestering. Thankyou for the feedback