Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sidekick and Villain thoughts - Linking them with the monster side of the cartoon.

After coming up with some unsuccessful monster designs I needed to think more behind the world in which they inhabit and what sort of 'monsters' these two characters would be.

These sidekick designs while being small and cute I think they need to follow a stronger thought process. Seeing as the story I've created revolves around sky pirates I feel that the villain and sidekick must have some sort of flying creature/monster in mind for their design. So in this thought process I thought of a dragon influence for both Villain and sidekick. So my Villain is a human transformed into a monster and I think in terms of design I want to look into influences from the Qunari race in Dragon Age and any other human with lizard/dragon influences.

Qunari from Dragon Age could be a heavy influence in designing my Villain
In terms of the sidekick character I feel that I should either take a cute and goofy dragon or go further with the design and push a stereotypical part of pirate culture into the mix and make a cute parrot/dragon.

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