Thursday, 24 November 2011

@ Phil Postmodernism Essay

Hi Phil,

In terms of my Postmodernism essay I was intrigued by my knowledge gained in the Inception review of Hyppereality and wanted to pursue this further in my essay. In terms of the essay content obviously I would be looking into Baudrillard with the theory of Simulacra and Simulation and probably real world examples such as Celebration town. Then introduce hyperreaility within videogames, with the need to create simulations of wars in light of entertainment and also look in to the phenomenom of players who lead a second life who feel more powerful in their 'virtual selves' and regard our reality as depressing much like the Avatar syndrome.

I found a good article on scribd which I think will help in producing the essay -

Call of Duty Postmodernism example

Let me know of any issues. Thanks Phil


  1. Hey Max,

    Okay - you'll need to be very clear of your definitions; for example, Baudrillard argues that we're already in a copy world right now (even before the 'virtual realities' provided by games etc.). Virtual reality and hyperreality should be treated as distinct definitions - and not necessarily confused with each other. You should use Baudrillard's definition of hyperreality as your key idea, which means you'll need to demonstrate your understanding of the '3 stages' of the simulacrum. However, the idea that games provide a more intense experience than life (which the article suggests) can certainly be argued, so I think maybe you should make this your key point of argument (and maybe leave Celebration Town out of it). So, your essay question might be; 'This assignment examines hyperreality in relation to computer games, with specific reference to Call of Duty etc'. I'm guessing there's lots and lots written about hyperreality and games (and its effect - for example, I did read someone suggesting that the London riots was a result of young people not being able to understand the reality of their actions, as they were still operating as if they were in a game environment) - and I strong encourage you to really read into the subject to ensure you structure a properly content-rich assignment. You need to look at the 'How-To' presentation on myUCA/Postmodernism/Unit Materials - especially at the colour coded section that shows you what a good paragraph should include - in terms of structure, use of evidence and analysis.

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  3. Ok phil Thankyou for the feedback I will read around the subject much more to make sure I have the tools to the write essay :)